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Pipe Stress Analysis Training.

Course :

  • Pipe Stress Analysis Training.


  • Mechanical, Chemical, Industrial Production, Marine Engineers & Diploma Holders.

Course Contents:

  • Inputs Required for Stress Analysis
  • Classification of Critical & Non Critical Lines
  • Building of Input Models
  • Introduction to LOAD CASES
  • Expansion Loop Design & Flexibility Calculations as per ASME B 31.1 & 31.3
  • Superimposition of Load Cases.
  • Static Load Cases.
  • Wind Load Calculation.
  • Seismic Load & snow loads.
  • Stress analysis, Resultant load cases with Animations.
  • Stress analysis Report Generation.
  • Generations of Stress analysis outputs.
  • Interferences and other options.

Salient Feature:

ROHR2 is one of the leading stress analysis tool used in India and in many parts of Europe by some the Major companies.

We provide basic training through ROHR2 Pipe Stress Analysis Software.

  • ROHR2 Pipe Stress Analysis