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AUTOCAD Plant 3D Software Training

AutoCAD Plant 3D is a plant layout design tool used by engineers and designers to develop Process Plants in 3D. We provide industry specific training.

We will teach new users how to use the key features available in the application to build and maintain 3D Process Plant models

  • Learn how to use the AutoCAD Plant 3D software to complete a plant design project. This comprehensive training includes all common workflows for plant design plus a focus on project setup and administration
  • Project configuration
  • Building steel structure models
  • Creating equipment models
  • Create piping components
  • Working with data and using the Data Manager
  • Isometrics, orthographics and catalogues.

Who should attend ?

  • Freshers & Experienced Mechanical, Industrial Production, Civil Engineers can take this training.

Course Prerequisites:

  • A working knowledge of the AutoCAD software and the Windows operating system.

Lesson 1: Creating Project Folders and Drawings

  • Project Manager
  • Creating Folders
  • Create Project Folders and Drawings

Lesson 2: Steel Modeling and Editing

  • Adding Structural Parts
  • Configure the Settings
  • Part Modification
  • Build a Steel Structure

Lesson 3: Equipment Modeling and Editing

  • Creating Equipment
  • About Nozzles
  • Equipment Templates
  • Create Equipment

Lesson 4: Piping Basics

  • Routing Pipe
  • Modifying Pipe
  • Valves and Fittings
  • About Pipe Support
  • Route Pipe and Add Fittings, Branch Connections, and Pipe Supports

Lesson 5: Piping Editing and Advanced Topics

  • Copying Parts and Pipeline Sections
  • Managing Changes in Xref files
  • Placeholder and Custom Parts
  • Selecting an Entire Pipe Run
  • Isolate, Hide, and Lock Pipe Runs
  • Modify and Reuse Data

Lesson 6: Working with P&ID Data in Plant 3D

  • About Working with P&ID Data in Plant 3D
  • Using the P&ID Line List to Place Lines and Inline Equipment
  • Validating the P&ID and Plant 3D Designs
  • Add and Validate Pipelines Using the P&ID Line

Lesson 7: Creating and Annotating Orthographic Views

  • About Orthographic Drawings
  • Creating and Editing Orthographic Views
  • Annotations and Dimensions
  • Updating Orthographic Drawings
  • Create and Annotate Orthographic Views

Lesson 8: Creating Isometric Drawings

  • About Creating Isometric Drawings
  • Creating, and Adding Data to Isometric Drawings
  • Specification Sheets and Files
  • Process to Create Isometric Drawings
  • Create Isometric Drawings