Embedded Intelligence

PASS/EQUIP provides pressure vessel strength and stability analysis for horizontal and vertical vessels, columns, storage tanks, as well as shell, tube, and air cooled heat exchangers under static and seismic loads in order to evaluate bearing strength in operation, test, and assembly states.

Applications include designing, revamping and testing of vessels, as well as making compliance calculations for power, oil-refining, chemical, petrochemical, natural gas, petroleum and other related industries.

PASS/EQUIP also provides finite element analysis of arbitrary vessel nozzles for the purpose of estimating their stress, stiffness and allowable loads. The results can be automatically transfer to PASS/START-PROF to be used for piping stress analysis.

New employees can begin performing pressure vessel analysis in days rather than months! Equipment designers and process and piping engineers of more than 300 EPC and vessel manufacture companies now use the software every day for design of different types of vessels, columns, tanks, and heat exchangers and nozzles.

Detailed calculation reports, produced by the program, contain comprehensive information (including all equations, intermediate results and plot of forces and moments) and are ready to be delivered to any authorities or equipment certification body.

Reduces analysis time, effort, and cost

PASS/EQUIP provides the ultimate in usability by “regular” engineers allowing them to focus on the equipment design. The user defines the equipment type, geometrical adjectives, and material of the vessel components, type and allocation of supports, test type, and loading rates. Selection of vessel elements and materials is made from the vast databases, which can be updated by the user.

3D graphic display of equipment geometry is provided with the possibility of editing the color of separate elements or the whole model, with views to make it possible to see internal elements. Powerful 3D modeling opportunities also support export to various CAD formats, so the user could continue work on vessel design in his favourite CAD environment.

PASS/EQUIP does not require special training and can be used by any mechanical engineer. For nozzles, the creation of finite element mesh and estimation of calculation results are performed automatically.

Powerful capabilities

PASS/EQUIP provides comprehensive structural pressure vessels analysis.

Strength and stability calculation of horizontal, vertical, and column vessels, takes into account wind and seismic loads PASS/EQUIP also calculates the strength and stability of shell and tube heat exchangers, including tubesheets, tubes, pass partitions, shells, expansion bellows, expansion boxes, and floating heads. Smart tube grid editor of heat exchanger provides very powerful opportunities of modeling non-standard tube sheets.

PASS/EQUIP provides analysis of nozzle-to-shell junctions using the Finite Element Method (FEM) including calculation of allowable nozzle loads and estimated nozzle junction strength for a wide range of geometric configurations and operating conditions. PASS/EQUIP nozzle analysis is recommended for the design and industrial safety review of oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, chemical, power and other industrial facilities.

PASS/EQUIP performs stress analysis for nozzles (including Trunion) of arbitrary geometry connected to cylindrical and conical shells, as well as elliptic, hemispherical and flat heads and also performs nozzle-shell junction flexibility calculations. Nozzle and shell membrane stress, bending stress and total stress can be calculated.

PASS/EQUIP can be delivered in different configurations :

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